Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Tittering's

Sunday afternoons I like to take my lappy down to my favorite neighborhood cafe, Oddfellows, and have their oatmeal, bottomless coffee (6 cups on average, I type under my hands are too shaky to type anymore) and their extremely delicious brioche and jam. Alas, it's rent week so I'm trying not to eat out. So I decided I'm going to bake my own brioche this week.

I know: this is a blog about eating healthy! Well life is too short and brioche is not getting cut out in this lifetime.

Alas in my effort to save money, I ended up spending money. A bag of flour, yeast, eggs, 1 lb of butter and 2 brand new loaf pans later I spent about $40. I did still get a lot of value out of it: an order of brioche and jam at Oddfellows is $2.50 ($1.25 a slice) for 2 slices. I made 2 loaves, which yields roughly 12 slices. So $20 a loaf and 12 slices makes each slice out to be...$1.66...oh f**k it.

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