Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crush Tuesday

If there is one thing that is getting me through this period of unemployment (other than the support of friends, family, state funded unemployment insurance, and refreshing my email every 30 seconds in hope of receiving an interview request), it's Netflix. With thousands of hours of 3 out of 5 star instant entertainment at my fingertips, it is a wonderful low-cost time filler, other than like...exercise. I also love that there is no limit to how many times I can watch the entire series of 30 Rock. I'm not obsessed, I'm supporting comedic female writers!

It's not obsession...it's dedication. I'm not crazy!

I digress...

This week Netflix suggested The Guild. Hmm, a show with the hot redhead from Dr. Horrible playing a socially awkward gamer? Count me in. However, despite my gingerphile status, Felicia Day and her non-moving eyebrows did not captivate me nearly as much as...

Clara. Clara in all her thinking cap, neglectful wife/parent, geeky-gamer glory. Even when she has a vacant expression she's adorable. The actress Robin Thorsen brings to life one of the worst parents since the wire hanger hating Joan Crawford. At least Joan didn't let her kids live on ham and crayons and drop them off at a department store, so she could peace out for guild meetings. Priorities! Bad Mother of the year aside, the voluptuous Robin Thorsen is ambrosial and brings a refreshing, sexy confidence to her otherwide heedless character. So Robin Thorsen, congratulations on becoming the inaugural winner of Crush Tuesday! Oh, and please wear glasses often. Please. Pretty please.

For your viewing/giggling pleasure, the best of Clara:

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