Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Soundtrack

I would like to start this post with a shout out to Seattle Public Libray, and the library system in general. There's nothing like being unemployed to remind you of how awesome the library is! Not only are there books, but there are movies, CD's, and free internet. Support public libraries people, it's great for the community and the unemployed!

That being said, I finally got my hands on Adele's newest album, 21, after being #147 in a waiting line for 4 copies. I thoroughly enjoyed her previous effort, 19, so I had a feeling that her sophmore album would have to be excellent. I had no idea it would be this f*****g good.

I can state the obvious: Adele's soulful voice accompanies her melodic piano giving birth to a jazzy/poppy symbiosis of pure ear pleasure reminiscent of Motown or a sobor Amy Winehouse. It's so much more! It's so listenable. I don't think listenable is a word, but go with me on this: I'm always leery of purchasing an entire album based off of what I hear on the radio; the singles might not be representative of the quality of the album, but 21 is excellent from beginning to end.

21 is also the ultimate break up album. If you're going through a break up, you will assume that Adele is singing your pain. If you're not going through a break up, she's reminding you why you're not with the bottom dweller anymore.

So this lovely weekend I will be mellowly jamming to Adele. Have a listen to my favorite track below and have a great weekend!

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