Friday, January 20, 2012

My unsolicited opinion on the 'S' word...

I can't drive off my street, so you're stuck with me. I'm watching Anderson Cooper, and the topic is teenage girls pledging their virginity to their fathers in a purity ball. While I feel that it's great that a young woman (or man) may want to wait, I wonder if instead of creating a stigma around sex (gasp! I said the 's' word!), it might be better for parents (yes parents, not teachers) to educate their kids on the realities of sex. My proposal: empower young people to approach sex responsibly and with respect, and if they should decide to have it, not treating them with shame.

Speaking of shame, if you want to see the results of a sexually repressed upbringing, see the movie Shame. (trailer below)

It's an excellent film and beautifully acted, and yes...there's a gigantic appearance in the beginning....gigantic...

Let me lay out the scenario: a young lady, around 16, is walked down the aisle by her father, wearing a beautiful white gown. In a ceremony she pledges her virginity to her father, promising she will save her virginity for her husband. In this they define themselves as remaining "pure". When Anderson asked these young ladies who committed their virginity to their fathers, "What if someone has sex before marriage?"; their answers were, they are "impure". Now that is where it all starts to go wrong for me. Creating a stigma around sex that having it without a spouse makes you impure is very unhealthy. It teaches kids it's okay to be judgemental, and to treat other people who do choose not to wait with shame. They have the idea that a person who has premarital sex is a morally ambiguous person. It actually calls to mind the young girl who posted a YouTube video about "slut shaming". (see below, it's worth watching)

Here's my final word on the subject: your body is your business. Not your dad and not your peers. Your own. If you choose to wait until you meet that special person to have sex, God bless. If you choose not to, God bless still and be smart and always use protection; not because sex is shameful, but because, as with everything we do in life, there is a risk and it's important to take precaution. That is all, I shall step off my Amazon box (who uses soap boxes anymore??).

I would genuinely like to hear others opinions on the subject. Am I full of crap? Is the purity movement full of crap? Is Anderson Cooper full of crap? Just a warning, if you say Anderson is full of crap, I will slap your wet mouth.

How can you not love this man?


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