Monday, June 11, 2012

Argosy University Shady

I am making it my personal mission to make 'Argosy University Shady' the first search subject to show up in auto-finish on search sites.
Do NOT enroll with this "university".

Two years ago, after losing my job, I enrolled with Argosy University. I wasn’t planning to enroll in school at the time; you see, I was calling a job lead that I found online, and was directed to an e...nrollment advisor with Argosy. I was surprised, but the woman was very nice, and asked me if I considered going back to school and finishing my degree. At that point in my life, when I was tired of only be qualified for entry-level jobs, I realized it was time to go back to school.
Looking back I wish I had done the research on this university before enrolling with them, but sadly I did not. If I had done the research I would have found they have been sued for fraud, they have lost their accreditation, and they have even been featured in new articles in the Washington Post and on Frontline for shady recruiting tactics:

After completing 15 credits with Argosy, I was starting a new cycle at the beginning of this year. On the day my new class started I received a call from my academic counselor, Zandra Zemora. Zandra told me that I need to set up a payment plan to pay off the remainder of my tuition for the academic year before I could get into class. This was no problem and I gave her my payment information. She said I would be able to get into class that evening; however, I could not get into class that evening, which was a Tuesday. I wasn’t able to get into class until that following Saturday. My academic counselor called an apologized for the error and told me that it was being fixed and I should be able to get into class. All of my homework and class postings, which were due by the following Tuesday, was given a 4 day extension. I started my homework that Saturday and made my first posting and turned in my first assignment.

At Argosy University, if you do not make two postings within the academic week (Tues-Mon), you are automatically withdrawn from the class. I knew that I had extra time to finish my homework, however, so I didn’t attempt to make another posting until Wednesday. When I attempted to log in to class, I found I was withdrawn. Furthermore, I was not only withdrawn from class, I was withdrawn from the university!

I received a call from my academic advisor, Dalles Colby, apologizing for the error and said that the school is to blame and they will get me reenrolled for classes right away. He said that Zandra will be contacting me to help me out with the reenrollment process. After two week I finally got a call from Zandra, who told me I could reenroll if I pay for the class that I was withdrawn from. I told her absolutely not; it was the university’s error. She told me that it was my fault and I didn’t do my homework on time. I told her that we had communicated previously and she knew that I was given an extension; had she remembered me? She finally said she remembered, but that it was still my error and I would have to pay. I told her that was unacceptable and I would be transferring to a new university if that would be the case. I talked to Dalles Colby again and told him I will be unenrolling from the university; I also asked if I would be charged for that class and he said no. I went on to enroll with University of Phoenix; suffice to say, I am really seeing the difference in quality of classes, professors, and function.

A few months ago I noticed in my bank account that Argosy was processing payments on my debit card, without my consent. I called Zandra and she said it was for that class. I told her I did not give her consent to charge me, and she said I did when I was enrolled. I told her I was no longer enrolled and I do not give consent and she said she would stop processing payments, but the money that was charged will not be refunded to me. I told her that was unacceptable and I wanted this issue escalated. She sent me to a person named Lola, who said she would escalate the issue and call me back. Lola called me and said that she could probably get the charge suspended, and that she would call me in a week to let me know what she hears from her finance director. That was over a month ago. I have called Lola, Dalles and Zandra several times since then with no success. Today I called Zandra, the phone rang three times, and she picked up and hung up on me.

Not only am I being charged for a class that I didn’t take, but if I don’t pay for that class, I will not get my transcripts to transfer to the University of Phoenix. This is 15 credits, almost an entire freshman year, that I am paying for and will be rendered useless. I am having to retake those classes at UoP, which will total a loss of $7500, not including the money that they have already taken from me.

Argosy is shady, unprofessional, and should lose their accredidation. If you read this blog, please go to Google, Bing, or what ever search engine you use and search 'Argosy University Shady'.

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