Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Choo don't know my struggles!

What are your struggles? What road blocks pop up in your day to day life that makes you want to run to the frig? Boredom? Work stress? Family issues?

My latest habit that I've been trying to break is my late night snack. It's not just a snack either; at times it ends up being an entire other meal. A little sandwich, followed by some chips and maybe a glass of milk. I try to rationalize this with myself by saying, "Well I'm using high fiber bread, non fat cheese, low fat ham, baked chips and skim milk!" Well they're still calories and they're still unneccessary, especially if I'm not that hungry. I'm learning to tell myself "No". I've spent a lifetime telling myself "Yes" so it's not like I'm really missing out. I can say no to the cheese and turkey stuffed croissent at Vivace. I don't need it. Do I want it? Oh hells to the yes.

I'm also learning what triggers my need for food. The other day I got pulled over and got my very first speeding ticket. I was so upset! I'd never had a speeding ticket before, it was was a stressful event for me. Instead of going home and preparing myself a nice light meal from all the groceries I'd spent tons of money on the day before, I went all out. I went to Boom Noodle and got beef yakisoba. Then I went to Cupcake Royale and got not one but TWO cupcakes. TWO! I went home and fed my stress and overindulged. Then I had chips and guac with Michelle. How can one person consume that much food in one sitting? I amaze myself at times. So now, when something is bothering me, upsetting me or stressing me out, I wait for it: that desire to run to the frig or the vending machine. Then I ask myself: Are you feeding your body or are you feeding your pain?

I haven't bought a scale just yet, probably this weekend when I'm at the pharmecy picking up my pain medications after getting my wisdom teeth out. Yay for that. As soon as I get my scale I will begin my weekly weigh-in's.

So tell me, what are your struggles?


  1. I am getting so much better at this, but my triggers that sent me to the fridge were (and still sometimes are):
    1. boredom. This was a big one. Especially at work when I'd get bored. I try to drink water when this comes up and it usually works.
    2. watching tv/videos. I got into the habit big time of eating while watching tv. I'm almost off tv now, but internet vids can be just as bad.
    3. emotional stress. Often times if I'm really stressed or sad I feel like NOT eating, which can be good, but sometimes it's the opposite.
    4. goes along with 3... physical stress. This is also often when I'm feeling sick. The bad thing is that it really and truly works. Eating boosts endorphins, and the body uses more calories when it's stressed.

    I've had physical stresses in past months, and when I'm feeling most in control I will choose to go exercise instead of eat. Yoga helps.

  2. Summer,

    I know this may sound strange, but you may want to try eating a lot more fat.

    Why fat?

    Well if you're eating all that low fat stuff, what do you think it's made of?

    If it's not fat, or protein, it's probably carbs.

    When you eat that many carbs at once, then you actually spike your insulin, and blood sugar.

    That in turn can make you want to eat more later.

    And did you know that lots of carbs at once end up converting into triglycerides (fat) in your liver?

    So lots of carbs = more hungry, higher insulin, higher blood sugar, and they convert to fat in your blood stream.

    Don't beat yourself up for feeling hungry, or wanting to eat. It's most likely the foods your eating, not your willpower.

    Fat won't cause you to gain weight, often times it will help you lose weight.

    Fat does not increase your blood sugar, and does not raise your insulin.

    It also helps you feel more full.

    Try avoiding all "low fat" foods.

    And try reducing carbs for a bit.

    I bet you'll magically feel like your full, and you may even see a faster drop in weight.

    My 2 cents.