Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'll Be Watching You

I came to Oddfellows on Capital Hill this morning so I could have some coffee and write. When I come here I like to sit in the back of the room facing the door, so I can people watch. I'm finding this morning that the people watching is distracting me and I can't think of a thing to write, so I decided I'm going to write about the people I'm watching.

Sitting far across the room from me is a man, middle aged, wearing a black muscle t-shirt, has a blonde curly mullet, a "Miami Vice" Don Johnson 5 o'clock shadow, and he's wearing sunglasses. Bear in mind, it is neither sunny outside nor inside. I sense he has sported this look for many years and he feels very confident about this look and believes it works for him. Wear it proudly, my mulleted "Miami Vice" friend. Vaya con mullet.

There's a girl sitting to my right who looks like she's out with her friend. She was not wise in the application of her make up; a little too drag queeny and heavy, and when she wears a skirt she needs to either cross her legs or keep her knees together. Be a lady, lady! Oh and blue eye shadow never was and never will be okay. Never.

There's a couple of young good looking gentleman sitting in front of me, they look like they're on a brunch date. They're leaning in close to eachother and they're talking casually but have a very intense eye connection. I love seeing love in bloom.

There is a girl to my left who has long, wild and curly rockstar hair and rock star make up and a nose ring. I want to jam with her. I want to sing Janis Joplin songs with her and get drunk on Jack and Cokes until we pass out, and get up and sing some more.

There's an elderly couple in the farthest corner of the room. They're sitting together on the same side of the booth, the wife is holding up the New York Times and the husband is reading over their shoulder. They'll be reading for a bit and stop and look at each other and smile or laugh. I wonder how long they've been together. 40 years? Or is it new love?

There is an adorable young Asian man sitting by himself by the door. He looks like he's waiting for someone and by the look on his face they're probably late. He consults back to his iPhone and then scans the room. He looks nervous. Maybe it's a first time breakfast date? I want to play with his iPhone.

There are 3 tables in a row with people sitting on their own with the exact same Mac laptop. Can't Mac at least make their laptops in different colors so the owners don't all look like sheep? This is why I'm a PC. They're all sheep I say!

The waitstaff here is all terribly attractive. Especially the really tall woman with the tattooed arms and the long curly dirty blonde hair and my waiter, the young man with the "Ducky" hat.

The sun is starting to peek out and "Miami Vice" Mullet man has taken off his sunglasses. Did someone not tell me it's oppisite day?

A tall, young guy just walked in and sat down by himself. He's wearing a white t-shirt and headphones and looks like he may have had a really good time last night and could use a cup of coffee. Somebody get this poor fellow a cup of joe!

There is a pretty blonde woman sitting alone at the bar with her legs crossed, reading the paper and sipping a mimosa. She is the picture of Sunday morning luxury.

I love to observe people. I am a quiet observer. I like to see what makes people who they are. What makes them happy. What makes them insecure. I'm a very inquisitive person and I like to read people. If someone speaks to me I don't hear the words but I seek meaning inside themselves with how they're speaking to me. I read body language. I watch. I'm a quiet observer in a room full of life and I watch the lives around me and try to read what is happening. I find sometimes this makes me a bit of a critical person. If there is something I don't like about a person I find their flaws and pick them apart and find it difficult to accept the good in them. It's something I'm working on. I think I do it as a protective measure. If I feel threatened by someone I pick them apart and exploit all the worst qualities about them so I can't possibly let them in to hurt me.

A woman just walked across the street wearing a pink button down shirt and had blonde hair with wild pink and black bangs. I love her confidence.

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