Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting back on track

Why is it when someone wants to start a diet plan there is inevitably always something that puts that plan off track?

"I'll start dieting tomorrow after this party/wedding/vacation..."

"I'll start dieting when my stress at work/in my family/in my social circle isn't so bad..."

"I'll start dieting when auditions are over/rehearsals begin/the gaping wounds in my mouth heal..."

So here I am again, trying not to beat myself up for going off track. Life happens. I'm trying to break that habit of mine where I dump on myself for not sticking to a plan or getting off track.

So here we go again...last night I went to yoga for the first time in 2 weeks. It was incredibly challenging and I felt great afterwards. Tonight I'll do my Biggest Loser workout DVD. I'm trying to ignore my screaming hunger because I'm adjusting my appetite again, which is probably the hardest part of dieting. I remember when X and I started Weight Watchers last fall how frustrated we were for the first 2 weeks because we felt hungry all the time. We were eating a lot less than what we were used to (a small serving of pasta versus the entire box). So begins the appetite adjustment and filling it with water and taking 8 trips to the bathroom a day...which is becoming part of my exercise routine.

So somebody share with me! What causes you to fall off track or what is currently taking you off track from your diet/exercise/self care plan?


  1. im currently in the process of quitting smoking & i find that whenever i get tempted, or whenever i feel like i need to get a "fix", my first thought used to be OHHHHH HOW IM SUFFERING!! like i would feel awful because i would think i was being deprived. but then i started to think, what am i *actually* being deprived of? difficulty breathing, stanky ass breath, dying?? these are all things i am more than willing to live without. so NOW when i get the urge to smoke, i TRY to think about it as a reminder that i have made a positive decision & that im finally prioritizing my own health & that is GREAT, and that someday, i wont think about it at all. i know smoking is not the same as dieting, but i think you could apply the same idea. like instead of thinking of it as a diet, think of it as this is your new life and that yr doing it for positive reasons & those reasons will give you YEARS of satisfaction where as giving into temptation only gives you about 2 seconds of gratification, then about a day of guilt & ultimately makes it harder to get back on track. there's my 2 cheesey cents!

  2. I think you hit the nail right on the head Mr. Charming! When it comes to smoking and over eating, they can both kill you slowly. Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

  3. I find that one of the biggest things that thwarts my weight loss/control efforts is injuring myself. If I injur myself, I stop working out. If I stop working out, everything else goes downhill. Then there's the whole concept of food as reward. I've been working hard, I desrve a yummy hot chocolate.