Monday, September 7, 2009

Cue the Journey music...

The journey of 200 pounds starts with the first step...on the scale.

Saturday I finally bought a scale! So it begins. Every Saturday morning I will have a weekly weigh in and track my progress or in some cases why I may not have progressed.

It's time for a breakdown:

November 2008 weighed in at 378 pounds.

August 2009 weighed in at 318 pounds.

Saturday September 5 weigh in...drum roll please...310 pounds!

I am now down from my top weight 68 pounds.

So what changes did I make to acheive this? For starters: portion control! I'm amaze myself how much I've allowed myself to eat in the past. I would eat unbelievably large portions of food, or on some occasions have more than one dinner! A terrible confession: when I used to work at Music 4 Less and I would get off work late, I would go to McDonalds for dinner. Not that McDonalds isn't bad enough, I would get a Big Mac meal (super sized of course) along with a 20 piece Chicken McNugget and a few sweet n' sour sauces. I would dip my fries in the sweet n' sour suace and add some to my burger as well. I would eat ALL OF IT in one sitting. How on earth in my mind did I think it was ever possibly good to eat that way? HOW?? I had, and still have, such a dangerous addiction to food that it's pushed my weight to dangerous heights.

So here I go again, only this time a little wiser and a whole lot stronger.

So why do I want to share what for most people is a frightfully private journey? Not a lot of women or men would be so open to share their weight, even if they don't struggle with weight or body issues. I want to share my journey because there are so many people out there like me who have given up on themselves, and wouldn't know where to start. I hope this can help someone or inspire them, or if there are people out there who have tips or want to share their trials or victories that they would share here.

Every pound lost is a victory gained. Don't stop believin'.

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  1. That's so awesome Summer! You've lost quite a bit, and I'm sure you'll reach your goal! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! =) Best of luck!