Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pick a diet! Any diet!

Warning: I'm cranky today.

I'm tired of dieting. Sick. And. Tired. I've literally been on a diet 24 of my 29 years. Ever since I was a little 5 year old my weight has been a concern to my family, my self and the kid's who pelted rock's at me after school.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of feeling guilt everytime I put anything in my mouth. Even if it's a vegitable. This is a feeling I've had ever since I was a child. Even if I'm hungry and I need to eat I feel guilt for eating.

I'm tired of wanting food all the time. What is up with that? I literally just ate a lunch of a sizable Healthy Choice frozen lunch and a bowl of carrot's. Why aren't I satisfied? Chewing on a piece of gum and drowning the hunger pain's with water isn't nearly as delicious as going up to the second floor and popping some popcorn.

I'm tired!

I'm tired of these ridiculous diet pill commercials with super model's head's superimposed on a fat persons body in the before picture. I'm sick and tired of fad diet's. I did that horrible food combining diet for 3 years. I lost 30 pound's in the first few month's and in the remaining few year's I gained 78 back. It is a bad diet and Suzanne Somers needs to go down. That goes for South Beach, Atkins, West Nile and whoever else!

I'm sick and tired of gym's with self absorbed people who are judging my body size, despite the fact that I'm there to take care of myself. Excuse me lady with the 18 inch waist and dude with the 18 inch biceps? Stop staring. Seriously. Stop. We're all here for the same reason. Go eat a hamburger.


I'm tired of hearing about the epidemic of obesity but there's not an epidemic of fashion magazine's bearing model's who we should all emulate. I'm sorry but skeletal is not sexy! I'm not into Concentration Camp Chic! Hearing on America's Next Top Model that a woman who is over a size 4 is considered "Plus Size" makes me want to punch Anna Wintour.

Want to know what else I'm tired of?

The word "Fat" as an adjective. "So and so is fat". They are not FAT, okay? Fat is a noun. It's what we carry in our body. It's what is in food that causes us to get too much fat in our body. Fat as an adjective is mean and meant as an ugly derogatory way of stating one's dissatisfaction with the state of anther persons body. If you wish to point out another persons poundage, try building a complete and correct sentance in that minescule brain of yours and say "That person appears to be overweight." If you can't stand the thought of going through life without saying Fat, say "That person appears to have a lot of fat on their thighs/belly/butt/etc." Otherwise, shut up and keep your opinion's about the state of another persons body to yourself.


I'm tired of people who are overweight using their obesity as a crutch. "I have no friend's because I'm fat", "I didn't get that job because I'm fat", "I can't do *whatever activity* because I'm fat". Stop being a victim of your own circumstance's. Stop it now. If you have no friend's it's because of your personality. If you didn't get that job it either wasn't a good fit or you're not qualified (or the hiring person doesn't like overweight people in which case why would you want to work with them anyway?). If you can't do a certain activity because of your weight, don't drag everyone else down because you put yourself in that boat. Do what you can to help. Be an active member of society. Being overweight is not a disability. It's a choice you made to not take care of yourself.

I think I'm tired.

I know I'm accountable for my condition. There are day's when I get so frustrated I either wish there was a magic wand I could wave and the pounds would melt off. There are day's when I don't care about my diet and I eat 10 oreo's in a row. It's hard. It's flippity flapping HARD.

I'm gonna take some Midol and keep on truckin'.


  1. You seem to have a lot of frustration. I think I can help you....

  2. I love you Summer! It sucks dieting and trying to eat right, but look what you've done so far! You're AMAZING. I am so proud of you! I wish I had the stamina that you do to keep it up.

  3. It's OK you're doing fine. Just keep swimming... OXXOXO :)