Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Importance of Being Earnestly Well Slept

It's Oscar Wilde's lesser known sequel. All the characters are putting on a play and they don't get enough sleep. In turn they stop taking care of themselves, exercising and watching what they eat. In one scene the character, um...Autumn, eats an entire back of Baked Wheat Thins Rosemary Crackers, weighing in at 24 Weight Watchers Points!!! GAH! You didn't know Weight Watcher's was around 1895? So little you know!

The lesson of the story: get sleep. If you're over committed and stretched too thin, drop some commitment's. Sleep helps you make good decisions. No sleep helps you make bad decisions. For instance, eating a bag of baked Wheat Thins in 1 hour flat. Bad. Bad

By the way, Wheat Thins? That is some false advertising because those crackers by no stretch of the imagine make you thin. With 8 servings a bag, and 3 points a serving (a serving size being 8 crackers...psh! Who eats just 8 crackers?) these crackers in no way promote thin-ness. Those folks down at Wheat Thins are diabolical.

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