Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strategic Eating

I wish life were so simple that I could put any food in my mouth and not have to worry about it. I wish I had the switch in my brain that said "Hey, you're full. You don't need to eat anymore." Alas, life is not simple and that switch in my brain is under maintanence.

I found this article on Yahoo! called "10 Ways to Right-Size Your Diet" (http://tiny.cc/r20nJ). It's a great article of tips about portion control, which is my struggle. I've never been good about measuring actual portion sizes according to the box. I just assumed a portion size is whatever covered my large plate! A portion of pasta is 1/7 of a box of pasta. I used to eat a 1/2 of a box of pasta in one sitting. That's not including say butter, olive oil, cheese and whatever meat I add to the mix. That's a lot of fat and a lot of calories that went unburned.

The tip that particularly struck me which I'm going to start doing is #3: Never eat directly out of the bag, box, or carton. Really? You're not supposed to do that? Well live and learn. So my challenge, measure out the portion size according to the box and put the box/package away. Then walk away...and stay away. Consider putting a guard dog at the pantry.

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