Monday, February 1, 2010

Comin' at you live from my bouncy ball!

Or is it "bouncey"? Is it even a word? I digress...

I just finished my training exercises and I decided that instead of blogging from my couch, I'll blog from my bounc(e)y ball. I may be one of the only people in the world who actually has bad posture on a bounc(e)y ball.

Holy cow it's been a month! I'm stinkin' at this blogging thing. I need to kick up my narcissistic tendencies a notch.

Well it's been a busy month!

Well I'll start on the health track. Thanks to the generosity of my dear Michelle, I have started personal training lesson's with Kathie. Let me start out by saying Kathie is awesome. She also kicks my a**. I love every moment of it! The last two weeks I have been doing some form of exercise every single day. Every day! I can't believe it either! The mind of the out of shape person believes the following: it is impossible to exercise every day! That is not true. I am done with excuses! Now as a disclaimer: this is not at all directed at people who don't exercise every day, this is directed at myself. As a 300+ pound person, I've had almost 25 years of making excuses for myself to not exercise. The excuses are over.

Granted, it's hard. Between work, a busy social life and the draw to my cozy sofa and laptop it's hard to not want to crash my booty down when I'm spent.

Example: Last Thursday I slept too long and didn't have time to do my Biggest Loser DVD, so I had to race to catch my van pool. I worked hard all day to keep up with deadlines so no time for a long lunch for a walk. My friend was going to pick me up after work to take us to go to rehearsal and I started to feel that good old excuse monster creeping back in. I beat the excuse monster with a stick and told her to not pick me up, I will walk to her after work (she works about a half mile from me but it's a great uphill walk). It was great!

So my point in my mini-rant is this: you don't have to put on expensive spandex and go to the gym. You don't even have to hire a personal trainer. Just do a little something everyday. Make a choice of walking vs. driving. Wake up a half hour earlier and do some yoga in your living room. While you're watching Jeopardy, lift some soup can's over your head and do some sit ups. It's not as hard as you think it is.

What IS hard however, is food. That's REALLY hard. Really. Why? Because food is good. Food is so very delicious. The food that is the most delicious turns out to be the food that causes you to get an over sized bum. Which is why I've started Weight Watcher's online again. Weight Watcher's is to food addicts as Alcoholic's Anonymous is to alcoholic's. Structure-structure-structure!

So here we go again, my official weigh-in is: 325. Boo. I'm disappointed in myself for gaining back 17 pounds since November. I was not watching what I eat and I was not exercising. I was sick a lot but I didn't get back on the (bounc(e)y) ball when I felt better. One millionth lesson learned.

Other updates: I have been cast in the new Microsoft Theatre Troop play "Arcadia" as Thomasina. I was extremely surprised but I'm absolutely delighted! I've considered wiring my jaw shut to lose more weight for the show but that may be too extreme and it would make it hard to recite line's during rehearsal's.

I'm working part time at Michelle's salon, Salon Zaffa. Call me and I'll book you an appointment! Best. Salon. Ever. I'm workin' with some cool chick's there!

I taught myself how to play "May the Circle Be Unbroken" on my guitar. Very slowly. I play it though!

Okay. That is all. Done talking about myself. Go watch "The Bachelor" now.

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