Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Census? Sense this!


You're walking down the hall at work. You pass by someone. They make eye contact with you, smile, say "Hello" and walk on by. Do you:

A) Smile and say hello, heya, hi, 'sup, etc. back
B) Smile but don't say anything
C) Give a quick nod, but don't smile or say anything
D) Quickly look away to the floor, ceiling, your shoes, spot on the wall, your finger nails
E) Look at the person with a look of disdain and utter disgust of their complete audacity for even looking upon your greatness then stare coldly ahead.
F) You would never had made eye contact with that person in the first place out of fear that if you made eye contact with another human being your brain might melt and leak out of your ears.

What's your answer? Honest to goodness there's no right or wrong answer here, inquiring minds just want to know. How do you react to your fellow human beings?

Walking around the Micro-World here, I find that I run into D, E and F quite a lot. A lot a lot. Now I know I might catch some grief for singling out Micro-peeps, but I've found those reactions here more than anywhere else. That is no exaggeration.

I come from a family where when addressed, you speak back. You are polite and address people with the same common courtesy in which you wish to be addressed. Maybe it's a southern thing or a military thing. Growing up I referred to my father as "Sir" (still do at times), I was to treat people older than me with respect and I spoke when spoken to (that last part I have fallen off the wagon; you can't really shut me up).

So today I find myself walking down the halls of my office, several new faces with conferences going on pass me by and I receive D, F, E, D, D, F, F and an E from someone I actually work with. What the what?? Is it the hat? Am I just too friendly? Do they not like my pumpkin spice perfume or pink argyle sweater? Or have people just forgotten how to regard others with mutual respect?

It makes me think of that old urban legend where a man wrote a suicide note stating that he was going to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge from his apartment and if one person didn't smile or say hello to him on the way to the bridge, he was going to jump. In the end of the story, he jumps. Disclaimer: I'm not saying I'm going to jump off the 520 bridge into Lake Washington or anything; it's far too cold.

So here's a challenge for you if you wish to accept it: if a person looks you in the eye, smiles and says "hello"; smile and say hello back. You might just make someones day and they won't have to go to their desk and blog about it.

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